I am working on a one woman show called “Priestess of Fire”. This show will feature various dances of the African Diaspora to tell the story of how Afro Indigenous people viewed Sexuality and the body prior to colonialism. It will tell the story of the female priestesses and the role of sexuality in birth, life and death. This show will tell the story of the Amazon Queens, Sensual Warriors and Female Cheifs. I will be performing many traditional dances from the diaspora with a my own spin on it and with out all of the big, frumpy colonial clothing (which includes the big white skirt, fluffy blouse and head scarf). Slavery is over so there is no need to cover up the beauty of the movements with those clothes. All of the primary documents indicate that what the colonizers thought of the Black Dancing Body and especially the gyrating black booty. The colonizers took things out of context and imposed an inappropriate shame on us (the colonized) which we have taken too much to heart. I am here, to use my body to bring back what has been burried. Like Josephine Baker I am going to shake it up and shake it off but without all of the European Colonial Costume. The actual show will be diferent in each city and will feature live drummers (which is not featured in the video). I am working on actual promo video with more footage (not shown here) and voice overs. This is just a small snippet, this is unedited raw footage. I will be connecting this show to my “Sensual Strength Training Workshop” and I am certainly looking for sponsors. More coming soon!

Videographer: Edwin Antonio, Miami